I was forged a warrior
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I was forged a warrior
and I will die a warrior's death

Or, everyone can ignore me. That’s cool, too.

I guess this means:

Sif is completely plot-free, and open to any ideas. I’m going to start scouting for new mains and aus.

And who are you?

[There’s something sinister about him, that just his mere presence makes her uneasy—not that she’d let that show. Still, she’s not impressed. In her years, she’s fought bigger… But she has no idea who he is, or his relevance. Not yet.]


I never trust the books, anyways. I prefer to see than read. -Smiles sheepishly.- I’m Gabriella - an’ I do must say, it’s an honor to meet you, Sif.

Thank you. [Her cheeks flush a little—she’ll never get used to hearing that—but otherwise, she remains unflappable.] 

I’ve read many books in my time, and you only have to trust your sense. To rely entirely on something and disregard all else is practically asking for disaster: a lesson I learned in my younger days, very much thanks to Thor. 


shieldmaidenofasgard started following you

..If my mythology ain’t too rusty, you must be Sif? 

Not as golden as your books describe me and certainly not as docile, but yes. Well met, mortal.

I’ve been gone for so long that I have half a mind to throw out all the things I’ve done so far. I’m too behind to ever get caught up, and I don’t think anyone would be so lenient as to accommodate me with so many backdated replies.

If anyone still wants to include Sif (my Sif) in their roleplay, just let me know. Maybe we can come up with something.


Idk hahah, but I won’t be mad if you decide that it’s too troublesome to try to work me back into your current arcs. I fully understand, believe me.

On another note, if anyone at all wants to RP with me I am more than open to plotting and stuff! ;v;

Your Majesty! It, as always, is an honor.



I have been, surprisingly. This new era is much better than the one from the last time I visited, though it was still an adjustment at first, and yet continues to be.

Natasha Romanoff? You know Thor.

Now I’m curious as to when you last visited. From what Thor tells me, any information I have on the subject is horribly inaccurate. I imagine it’s an adjustment, yes, even just coming from Asgard- I suspect our realms are different in a number of ways.

-pauses, thoughtfully- I do. I’ve met his brother as well, of course. Thor is an excellent ally, and friend, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.

It was some time ago, yes. [Laughter colors her tone, and she can’t help but shake her head.] But Fandral would be better equipped to detail our adventures here than Thor or myself. No doubt he will be eager to share, as it would combine his two favorite things: talking about himself, and entertaining a beautiful woman.

The realms are different, in more ways than you would expect. In some ways we are more advanced, in others, you.

So you’ve met the infamous Loki. [She doesn’t even bother to hide the roll of her eyes.] Also an ally and a friend of mine, no matter what you’ve heard, or what he’s told you. 

I feel like I should apologize for falling off the face of the earth on this account, but I’m not? Because no one really cares anyways, haha. But Sif is back now because I miss her, though internet and stuff is shaky because of stupid reasons. :c